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In addition to managing a multi-concept Bolivian fusion-cuisine restaurant in Uyuni, we are the creators behind a 360° cultural adventure that offers anything from sightseeing tours through hotel accommodations to a novel gastronomic experience.

Our role within our big family of brands is to create a comprehensive culinary adventure where the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit the southern Altiplano of Bolivia every year can explore the various versions of our cultural identity, all in the form of Bolivia’s distinctive flavors.

Discover Bolivia through our multiple curious cuisine styles.

Food tourism (also known as culinary or gastronomic tourism) is a very special travel experience that focuses on the exploration of food as the guiding thread of a trip. The connection between the food and the tours becomes the basis for spreading a particular culture, thus stimulating the local economy and encouraging sustainable practices. As a result, travelers can seize the opportunity to take home a priceless souvenir—a share of a destination’s intangible heritage.

At Tika, we’ve devised a “culinary roadmap” especially designed to help visitors discover Bolivian cuisine in multiple versions and styles: fine, casual, pop-up, and ready-to-eat. Here globetrotters can enjoy the exquisite taste sensations created by Bolivia’s unique flavors, every step of the way.

What’s Bolivian food like?

Bolivian cuisine stems from a mixture of flavors, colors, aromas and textures that can take you on an extraordinary culinary journey. Staple ingredients include potatoes, chuño, chili peppers, locoto, corn, quinoa, cañahua, and amaranth grain. In addition to beef, chicken meat and fish, camel meat is one of the most commonly available types of meat in Bolivia. Culinary traditions nowadays are closely linked with the prevailing local diet from pre-Hispanic times, so prepare your palate for the flavors of Bolivian cuisine and be our guest!

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