Taste the traditional flavors of our
curious cuisine

Welcome to Tika, Bolivia’s first
multi-concept restaurant

All Tika meals are infused with one key ingredient: our “glocal” vision. We take pride in our balanced blend between “local” and “global” dishes, which result from our innovative and multicultural culinary approach.

We are Tika—alias “beautiful experiment,” at your service.

Get a taste of Bolivia

Tika City

This is our casual dining style. Located in Uyuni town, Tika City invites travelers to embark on an immersive adventure to the land of Experimental Cuisine. Savor the finest local products in the midst of a refreshing ambience.

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Tika Palace

Sited in the premises of Palacio de Sal, the world’s first salt hotel, Tika Palace embodies our fine dining concept. Here you can taste Bolivia’s best fusion cuisine with first-class ingredients and relish our exquisite wines—brace yourself for the ultimate local gourmet experience.

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About Tika

We were pleasantly surprised by this restaurant. Tika’s atmosphere is beautiful and modern. This is definitely the most extraordinary food we’ve had in Bolivia. Menu options are very creative and made with local produce.

The food was surprisingly good, I really enjoyed it. Hope they keep offering this excellent and unique experience.

From typical dishes to delicious burgers, plus the very nice and polite waiters, the place struck me as special and neatly kept. Best value for money: they offer an extraordinary variety of options, high-quality food and excellent service.

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